Annual Primary Mathematics Conference

Assessment: It’s a whole-school approach

Saturday 10th March 2018

The Epping Club, Sydney


Our panel of expert speakers have all been hand chosen for their amazing track record in delivering an inspiring whole-school approach to primary mathematics, assessment and differentiation.

Keynote speaker

Rosemary Callingham

Associate Professor – Mathematics Education
University of Tasmania

I have had a wide-ranging career, in which a passion for education has been a continuing theme, although I came to the field late in a formal sense. This delay in beginning a formal teaching pathway allowed me to enjoy diverse influences, including living in three different countries, and bring this life experience into my teaching and, later, research careers.

Mathematics and its teaching has been a long-term passion. As a classroom teacher and a university lecturer, I aimed to inspire my students through interesting and innovative activities, such as collecting data from a local cemetery. I became particularly interested in the assessment of mathematics and statistics, and this became a theme in my research career. I continue this interest today as a consultant and Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Tasmania, working on national projects with teachers and schools.

More about Rosemary can be found on her website


Anita Chin

Founder & Learning Strategist
Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy


Tim Waugh

Learning Strategist
Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy


Dr Judy Hartnett

Mathematics Education Consultant
Making Maths Reason-able


Karen McDaid

Numeracy Advisor and lecturer in Mathematics Education
Western Sydney University


More about Anita Chin can be found on her website