Annual Primary Mathematics Conference

Assessment: It’s a whole-school approach

Saturday 10th March 2018

The Epping Club, Sydney

Anita Chin

Founder & Learning Strategist K-8
Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy


A leading expert in Australian primary mathematics education, Anita works with schools across Australia to transform teachers into confident, inspired mathematics educators. With over 20 years’ experience in mathematics education K-12 she delivers a deep, whole-school understanding of the mathematics curriculum, along with innovative teaching techniques that inspire and delight.

Anita has a passion for hands-on activities that engage learners of all ages.

Anita is the founder of Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy, which supports and inspires teachers through tailored workshops, demonstration lessons, team-based conferences and whole-school interactive learning frameworks. Through her work Anita takes primary educators on a journey of discovery, helping to build the next generation of deep mathematical thinkers.

Anita will be speaking on:

Creating observational assessment checklists K-6

We all love engaging students by differentiating our instruction using hands-on tasks and asking good open-ended questions, but how do we record what individual students say, do and interact with others, whilst simultaneously teaching? These hands-on workshops will use the NSW Mathematics K-6 Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum as a basis for creating a checklist on a single page for use during Terms 1 and 2. In four easy steps, participants will create their own year level checklist using the templates provided. You will then learn how to use this highly effective tool to know where students are in their learning journey, as well as make instructional decisions to adjust your pacing and scaffolding during whole-class instruction.


Creating observational assessment checklists: Addition and subtraction, K-2
Creating observational assessment checklists: Multiplication and division, Y3-6

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Anita recommends:

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