Annual Primary Mathematics Conference

Assessment: It’s a whole-school approach

Saturday 10th March 2018

The Epping Club, Sydney

Dr Judy Hartnett

Mathematics Education Consultant
Making Maths Reason-able


Judy is a Maths education consultant based in Brisbane who has worked as a university lecturer and education officer supporting schools in State and Catholic schools.

She believes that students need to be challenged to do more thinking and reasoning as part of their learning in Mathematics. 

Judy’s consultancy company is called Making Maths Reason-able. Judy advocates and demonstrates the use of inquiry as a way of engaging students in thinking mathematically. She is the author of Thinking Caps, a set of over 120 inquiry tasks suitable for primary school.

Judy will be speaking on:

Assessing understanding using inquiry tasks, K-6

Inquiry tasks are an engaging way to teach Maths. Inquiry tasks can make great assessment opportunities when the teacher has an idea of what maths the students are likely to be using. These workshops will each investigate two Thinking Cap inquiries that investigate understandings about fractions that make a whole and concepts related to telling the time. Participants will be guided to predict the mathematics likely to be demonstrated from each task and will then review actual student responses to the tasks to identify mathematical understandings. Teachers will be encouraged to discuss what learning they can see in the student work samples and think about how the tasks could be used in their own classrooms.

Assessing understanding using inquiry tasks: Fractions and time, Y3-6
Assessing understanding using inquiry tasks: Addition, multiplication and division, K-2

Judy will be referencing: